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Dining in Whitewater

The Black Sheep 

Growing up on a farm Tyler Sailsbery had a dream of opening a interactive restaurant that used local farms produce to create delicious local cuisine. The Black Sheep is a result of that dream. It gets it's name because it is not a traditional restaurant. The food made in the restaurant is seasonal. only served when it is the most fresh, and made available by the local farms that grow and produce the food. Employees visit the farms, and gardens they get their food from to see how the animals are treated, and

if any pesticides are used on the plants. Their food is top quality from the very start.
Their everyday menu includes: Brushetta, Artisan Flatbread, Roast Beat Salad, Seared Tuna, Boeuf Bourguignon, Pheasant Pot

Pie, and many new wines.
The menu is full of local and fresh wines, meats, and even cheeses. On valentines day they offer a nine course dinner that includes: Stuffed pork sausage, celery soup, a salad with sweet potatoes, red onion, arugula, and quinoa. Rainbow pasta is included along with, a tenderloin filet, a palate cleanser of root beer sorbet, a local made cheese board, and a to finish it off chocolate covered strawberry's and house made cheese cake.

They also serve specialty cocktails.
Cooking classes are offered weekly, here you can get hands on experience working with local food, and turning into something delicious, and appealing to the eye. At the end of every month there is a wine tasting night, where you can taste some of the local and house brewed wines.

Reservations are required, but the restaurant can seat up to 100 people so it is rare not to get a seat. Different menus are served depending on the time of day, and season. They're open from 4:30pm-10:00pm Monday through Saturday. 
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