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Things to do in Wisconsin

Old World Wisconsin

This historical site stretches across the Wisconsin landscape. The site opened in 1976 and has over 60 authentic farmsteads. These farmsteads were real homesteads started by immigrants coming into Wisconsin and surrounding states. Furnished homes, and outbuildings highlight the true nature from the old days.

Workshops are offered for adults and children Some include: How to create a lasting heirloom garden, traditional blacksmiths, the art of Finnish sweets, and traditional food in the kitchen, apple tree pruning,and basic sewing!

From locations all across Michigan, Mississippi, and Wisconsin traditional buildings were dismantled brick by brick and board by board, they were then moved to this site and reconstructed just as they were before. The traditional gardens cover acres of the park making it even more beautiful. New buildings, gardens, livestock and activities are added often.

During spring was when the traditional old world journey began, this is the time where spring chores start. Guests can visit the site and see costumed staff feeding livestock, weeding or planting a garden, and cleaning out historical buildings for the start of the summer season. On mothers day there is a brunch served in the site's biggest historic barn called the Clausing Barn.

Annual sheep shearing weekend is a weekend full of the shearing of sheep, a great time to visit and see all of the new baby livestock as well. During memorial day weekend military personnel receive free admission. Horse drawn carriage rides are available along with lunch at the park cafe, where they sell food prepared like it was in the past. There are many hands on activities for young children. They can learn to do things like the everyday chores of a young child in the old days, do crafts, and play games. A museum store is also on site for anyone who wants to take the fun of Old World Wisconsin into their everyday lives!