There are two types of autumn lovers – the harvest enthusiasts who love the smell of pumpkin pie, sipping apple cider, and watching the leaves change colors, then there are the spooky Halloween lovers that chase every haunted house, watch scary movies, and love good ghost stories. If you fall into the latter category, then the Whitewater Spirit Tour is a must on your autumn bucket list.    The summery, quaint, lakefront town of Whitewater may look like any regular Midwestern town, but this particular town has quite a haunted history. Named the “Second Salem,” Whitewater has a past filled with tales of witches, ghosts, strange murders, and occult practices.    On October 11th & 12th the Whitewater Chamber of Commerce hosts their infamous Spirit Tour, a four-hour guided through the town’s most spirited spots… in the dark. Your spirit masters will share stories about Whitewater’s spooky sites, spirited inhabitants, and point out the spots with frequent ghost sightings.    Groups meet at 5:00 sharp at The Fuzzy Pig where there will be appetizers and you can grab a nice warm drink before heading out into the elements. A bus will take you around the city and bring you to different spiritual sites where you can get off and immerse yourself in the supernatural surroundings. You will be able to venture into the crypt of Mary Worth, the self-proclaimed witch who used to curse members of the town who then ‘mysteriously died’ shortly afterward. Around the crypt there have been sightings of her ghost and there are rumors about practicing covens in the town. You will also see the burial site of spiritualism leader Morris Pratt, the Witches Tower, and several other supernatural sites. As a special added treat, there will be a presentation by US Paranormal, who has selected Whitewater in a massive study due to its unusual paranormal activities.    This tour is like watching a scary movie unfolding before your very eyes, but instead of sitting in a cozy theater seat where you watch characters do the digging, you yourself are the crazy character venturing around a haunted graveyard in the black of night. Every year tickets sell out early, so plan your trip to Whitewater and reserve your seats for the acclaimed Whitewater Spirit Tour.    Ready to be spooked in Whitewater? Book a stay at the lovely Hamilton House Bed & Breakfast in downtown Whitewater, just minutes from Kettle Moraine State Park.